About our services

Inventories guaranteed in 48 hours. Same day service available. A member of the association of professional inventory providers.

Why you should use West London Inventories

Reliable, professional, proactive and helpful:

  • Our service and reports are detailed and comprehensive: detailing condition of everything from floors to sockets; appliances to window dressings. Photographs back up every detail of written word so there is always clarity in regards to condition.
  • Using an independent accredited inventory provider begins your tenancy on a professional level; ensuring all parties are guaranteed an independent report and support via our service.
  • Should there ever be a dispute the inventory will be immediately acknowledged as independent and professional by the adjudicator in any tenancy deposit scheme.
  • We will inform landlords/agents¬†immediately¬†if we feel we have identified a possible hazard within a property whilst conducting an inventory, check-in or check-out. For example if sockets present a hazard or there are security or potential fire hazards/ issues with the property.

Client testimonial

“West London Inventories provided us with a fantastic service for our inventory and check in. Their inventory was very thorough and well produced…”

Sample Check-In Document